Grow your way to wellness

Grow your way to wellness

Kitchen gardens designed to support your health goals.

Kitchen gardens designed to support your health goals.

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A safe and natural source of added vitamin B12 and other vital micronutrients.


Use the configurator to build a garden to meet your space and yield requirements.


Create better food habits with our A.I. powered personal nutritional assistant.


What does biofortified mean?

Biofortification is a way to increase vitamin and mineral content in foods. NutriGard has developed an effective method to grow vitamin enriched foods in your home.

Is biofortification safe?

Yes! In fact, biofortification is commontly used in all reg

Which plants can I grow?

We provide a selection of 40 tested plants and herbs to grow from prepared seed capsules or you can place any herbs or salads bought from a retail store with some preparation.

How much yield can I expect?

One NutriGard module can grow about 3 plants per month from the 3 positions. Additional modules can expand the capacity up to 36 plants.

What can I use the app for?

The NutriGard app is a personal nutritional assistant that helps you define and achieve health related goals by tracking your food intake and following recipe recommendations.

How can I buy one?

Coming Soon! We will announce our launch and pricing in the coming months. Stay in the loop by joining our waitlist below.

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